Mathalicious 2.0

I’m so happy to welcome you to this new version of Mathalicious.  I started Mathalicious in 2009, named it after my favorite rap group, and since then have dedicated to it more of my life than I care to admit, indeed more than was probably healthy.  And yet, for all those years and all those birthdays, today feels like the first day.


Original Mathalicious website, 2009

Why?  Because our societal romanticization of the solitary entrepreneur notwithstanding, this was a team effort.  Matt.  Ginny.  Chris.  Kate.  AwesomeNYC and Kohactive.  GeoGebra and the Desmos geniuses.  We all worked really hard – and really together – to create something that we believe will serve teachers and help them do their jobs better: more effectively, more meaningfully, more happily.

There’s a lot of talk these days about adaptive learning, MOOCs, and “ed tech” in general.  Some of it’s good.  Some of it reads like an Onion headline.  At its heart, though, we believe that education is fundamentally a social process that involves the intricate interplay between teacher and student.  I suppose the collaborative work that went into this site, then, is an apt metaphor for what -- and whom -- it was created to serve.

I hope you enjoy it.  If you’re a teacher, I hope it’s helpful.  We hope it’s helpful.  It truly was a team effort, and meant for a much larger team.  That's how education works, after all.

Mathalicious 2.0. Boom.

-- Karim

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