Mathalicious Q&A Tuesday March 11 @ 8:15PM ET. Let's hang!

Can you believe it's been one month since we launched the shiny new web app?! It's been fun to hear from teachers who are bursting with excitement to share the new lessons with their students, and we appreciate all the feedback and support from teachers as we transitioned.

We also think the new site is the cat's meow, and -- as with any one month young relationship -- we want to talk about it all the time and with everyone. So on Tuesday March 11 at 8:15PM ET, we're going to do just that, at the first Mathalicious  Q&A. You bring the Q's, and we'll get the A's. ...actually, we'll bring some Q's for you too, because we're always hungry for your feedback!

We can talk about specific lessons, show off some cool interactives, pick your brains about what kind of virtual support you might find most helpful, discuss new features ....the sky is the limit!

This will be a Google Hangout. The first eight awesome people to register will have a spot *in* the Google Hangout, and we'll stream the conversation to YouTube for everyone else.  Please use this form  to share your questions and let us know you're coming.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

The Folks at Mathalicious

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